Cake of the week #35 – Kate of the Week!

Guess whose birthday it is this weekend?!

So, just for one half of Three (also known as 1.5 Summers), a very special selection of cakey awesomeness this week! For example, a Paris cake, because Kate loves the Paris!

Speaking of Paris and all things chic, she also loves the Bradshaw and her mates…

And she’s also partial to some serious baking. Not so much cakes at the moment, but definitely Macaroons

And she love, love, loves Ms Hepburn!

But not quite as much as Mr Depp…

So there you have it! A tribute to Kate through the medium of cake. Or, a tribute to cake through the medium of Kate! Whatever you like. Happy Birthday, Summers!

3 responses to “Cake of the week #35 – Kate of the Week!

  1. Kate’s face!!!! ON A CAKE!! do it!

  2. in reponse to mogg a dreadful pun

    ‘cake summers’

  3. hi there i want to know if i can bye all the things of you

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