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Cake of the Week #23 – Britcake!

Okay, okay – I’ve been on America bender recently. I am obsessed, and I do need help to get over it. But, to make up for leaving the UK out a bit this Thanksgiving week, here’s a very British treat!

Britcakes! Ain't no Johnny Foreigner round here, kids.

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Need an Excuse to Party? #12 – Black Friday!

This is the ultimate bargain hunting day of the year in Americky, and Three are gutted we’re not there to join in the 4am shopping trips! 

It's pronounced Tar-jay, dahling...

The day after Thanksgiving in the USA is known as Black Friday – with crazy sales starting at oh-my-god o’clock in the wee small hours of the morning to celebrate the start of the Christmas shopping rush. And now it’s here too! Apple are giving discounts across its range today in the UK. Yay!

Go buy bargain party supplies, Americans. Do it for us!

Happy Thanksgiving!

There is NOT enough food here!

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DIY flower garlands

Arn’t these garlands pretty?

They’d be perfect hung at a wedding, a party or just in a room in your house.

If you’d like to learn how to make one (it looks pretty simple!), click here and the lovely people at Once Wed will instruct you!

Monday Monday

How fast did the weekend go?! Bloody fast, thats how fast. And ick, “hello Monday” AGAIN.

We present you with a tune to lift your Monday blues. If it doesn’t make you feel immediately more spritely then there must be something wrong with you.

Have great weeks, guys!



Paper Planes

What a sweet idea! Paper plane chains.

This would be a perfect and simple way to jazz up a going away party.

I wish I’d seen this earlier as two of our buddies have moved abroad and these would have been perfect for farewell shindigs.

Love the little guys waving!

(Inspiration from Color Me Katie)

Make your own Twilight Party

Vampires are the new indie rock bands, apparently. The Incomparable iflicks have provided some offical party produce, and we thought it would be downright rude to be handed a party on a plate and not share it with you!

Yaaay, Fangs and such!

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Cake of the Week #22 – Windows Cake!


This cake makes a startup noise when you cut it.

On 20th November 1985, Microsoft launched Windows 1.0, and at this time, Bill Gates was not spectacularly rich, there was no internet, there was no DVD, there was no Three and thus no point in life. BAD TIMES. But now, good times! Despite the cock up that was Vista.

Give Thanks for cut-price Desserts

And you thought we were done with Pumpkins!


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Need an Excuse to Party #11?

It’s the Leonid Meteor Shower tonight! Yaaaay! Everyone get outside and have a look for some shooting stars to wish on.

Space is having a party!!!

(We wish for more comments…love you!)