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Oh, this is SO getting the Seal of Approval.

Merry Weekend!

Urgh, we’re both dieting. January is not fun. BUT, if I wasn’t being unusually disciplined at the moment I would definately be going for a hot chocolate avec whippy cream this weekend. Y.U.M! I’d probably also have an obscene slice of cake, a curry and a massive chocolate bar. I’m dreaming of chocolate bars. Although, this morning, Paul McKenna informed me (and the rest of Britain) through the medium of Radio 1 how to stop this daydreaming about chocolate. The short version: imagine it covered in hair. I’d like to say this puts me off Dairy Milk. It doesn’t.

What are you guys up to this weekend? I hope it’s sunny.

Have a good one!

Kate xo

(photo via Pretty Foods)

Is your eggo preggo?

These, from Lauren Makes, would be too cute at a baby shower and would be nice to be saved and dug out for embarassing your kid at their 18th birthday party.

Download them for FREE (whoopy!)  here.

Cake of the Week #29 – Tea and Cake or Death?

We’re still in January so we’re sticking with our zero calorie cakes theme – what do you think of these babies?


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Pic N Mix table – DIY!

Over Christmas, it may have been mentioned, three decided to have a bit of a party. Children and adults alike were in attendance, but all loved THIS: 

Piccy Mix! w00t!

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Kylie is pretty

Kylie Minogue at a birthday party. Just because.

A woman after our own heart!

“I don’t believe in the Republican Party. Or the Democratic Party. I just believe in parties.” – Samantha Jones


(Sex and the City Season 3)

Do It Yourself: Beady Tights!

If you’re going to a party you gotta look your best girlfriend! Tights are big news. If you’ve been into Topshop you’ll have seen the huge vareity. BUT if you’re going out partying you need something that little bit special. If you’re rich you may be able to afford these guys (don’t know what the designers are I’m afraid!):

But we at Three don’t believe in spending money on things when you can just as easily make them yourself.

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Ebaylicious Part 2 and an AWESOME new Blog Invention!

So, a couple of weeks ago, we talked you through the merits of a new year clear out! The result is (9 DVDs, 7 games, 2 tops, 2 jackets, 1 dress and 1 tunic later) £54.01! Mental. And I still have stuff to sell! Man, are we going to have some good parties this year. Seems like the perfect time to introduce this monster:

From now on, if we love it, we have a bona fide way of telling you – our brand new Three’s a Party Seal of Approval! It’s like the Nobel Prize, only for parties. And without the 7-figure prize fund.

OMG! We’re 200!

This is our 200th post – how mental! Thank you all for sharing in this crazy, crazy blog x