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Pound Shop Party – Top 5 Tips

OK, so you may need to fight off hordes of chavs to get to the till, but why not make a theme of it? There’s a recession on, you know…

There must be *something* you can make a centrepiece out of!
There must be *something* you can make a centrepiece out of!

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Cake of the Week #1

A new Friday institution!

Each Friday, we’re going to choose a cake of the week – and this week the honour goes to this little, or rather giant, beauty!

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Give the gift of dance!

For the price a Michael Jackson CD, you can give possibly THE coolest gift idea EVER.

LOVE this!

Celebrity Style

Look at this for budget wedding footgear…


Yoko wore knee high socks and what looks like SNEAKERS (!) when she married Mr. Lennon.

For our American friends…

Celebrate Memorial Day in style with patriotic cake!

Patriotic, much?

Patriotic, much?


(Via ‘myachybakeyheart’)

Top Five Original Centrepieces

Martha Stewart's funny lookin' turnips...

Martha Stewart's funny lookin' turnips...

So, you’re having a dinner party? Good for you! You’re keeping the dying art of classic guest entertainment alive a little longer – Three are proud of you. But what’s this?! Your table looks bare! Three are NOT proud of you. You can’t have a naked table, and after reading this little list, failure is not an option. Continue reading

A stitch in time, saves MONEY!

Stuck for an awesome wedding gift? Wedding gift lists may be practical (and pricey!) but who wants to give a toaster to commemorate such a special day?! Uh, not me.

Well, how about this for a sweet and thrifty idea: if you (or  a helpful friend) are handy with a needle and thread why don’t you take some inspiration from Grandma and start quilting!

Patch wall

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Wrong season, right idea…

We may not all be connected enough to hire an a-list party planner and invite designers and photographers to our parties but regardless of your contacts, everyone loves a bargain party!


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You’re Evited…

As sad as it is, snail mail is feeling the cold hand of evolution closing around its neck, and a phobia of actual post (and the short-wearing men who bring it) is spreading across the land. So what to do if you have a can’t-be-missed soiree to populate?  Facebook invites are deletable white noise to the weary social networker, and the obvious Twitter-danger is that a barbarian horde of uninvited followers descend upon your gathering, which is even worse than no one turning up at all.

Special like yo momma told you

But never fear; to save you from cheapening your event with a sub-par electronic missive, Three have found a long-overdue alternative. Getting hold of far-flung friends and addressless acquaintances no longer means making a choice between boring plain text or a tackier-than-a-plastic-crucifix cartoon… Continue reading

Welcome to the party…

Warhol Party HatWe’re getting there slowly – the universe’s premier party planning blog will be online and mighty fine very soon!

 Kate and Laura x