The 1940s Party

Hello all! Rather than simply post a list of tips and ideas on how to have a Wartime themed party, Three decided to get our hands grubby and actually have one, to prove it can be done on a shoestring and yet still rock. This page is a collection of all the articles related to the Blitz Party that you could ever need and then some!


  1. The Announcement
  2. Ballroom Blitz – a General Guide
  3. Invite your Forties Friends!
  4. Some general party excuses and inspiration
  5. Props for 20p! Get thee to a car boot sale
  6. Set Dress for Less! Leo Peas and Pals
  7. Seek and Find
  8. Film Inspiration: Atonement
  9. Film Inspiration: The Notebook
  10. Film Inspiration: Inglourious Basterds
  11. Blitzcake!
  12. Forces Sweetheart: Musical Ambience
  13. Success!
  14. Get your Bunting Sorted
  15. Costumes for less
  16. Where to get your ideas (as if we haven’t given you enough!)
  17. Anatomy of a Bargain Costume
  18. How to pull the thing together

Don’t forget, if you’d like to contact us with your own ideas & questions or sign the guestbook and let us know your thoughts. Keep checking back in the run up to September 5th for more fabby forties ideas!

4 responses to “The 1940s Party

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  3. Hello Threesaparty bloggers,
    I would like to request your assistance on a most important matter. I am hosting a Quarter of a Century Birthday Bash in 1940’s fashion. The only problem is I live on a tropical island and therefore everything that you had for your brilliant shindig is not available to me. What expert advice can you provide me with?
    Tropical Island Girl

  4. We’re on it, Island Girl! Do you happen to live in the BVI, by any chance…?

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