Free food delivered to your desk!

Yaaaaaay! Free food delivered to your desk in work! Or to your desk at home! Or wherever you have a letterbox, really! 

Clicky the Piccy to go to Graze!

Get yo butts to – it’s amazing. You get a box with three or four selections of fresh and dried fruits, nuts, seeds, chocolate and allsorts. It fits through a letterbox and postage is free – I’ve just had my first box arrive and it’s amazing. I wholeheartedly recommend the Bento Miz and the Sticky Chocolate Pudding miz – aces! When you go to the site, you get to rate the food selections (of which there are squillions! Ok, not squillions, but hundreds) so if you don’t like the look of something, it never gets sent to you, but if you really really like the look of something else, it gets sent to you ASAP. It’s win-win!

An example of a Graze Box - 4 kinds of varietal YUM

 You go to the site, sign up, and in the discounts box you enter this code:


Which will get you one free box and one half price if you like. If you don’t like, you can cancel your order after your first box and you don’t have to pay a penny! You just get one delicious box of free lusciousness delivered to you. How awesome! Personally, we reckon a mere £2.99 per box is a ruddy bargain for such a wide variety. So hop to it! Free food = always awesome.

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