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Cake of the week #43 – Teacup Cake!

To celebrate the announcement of the Tea Party, we have found this WINNER of a cake, by the Kitchen of Carla & Elaine.

Don’t forget, we still need your comments on the Tea Party Post! Tell us what we need to have at the Tea Party!

Cake of the Week #42- Picnic Cakes!

We’re all about picnics, kids, and this week we’re planning on a feature on where you can go for the best ones (free, of course!) so we thought we’d get you all in the mood with some picnicy cakes! As always, clicky the picky for a link x

Today's the day the Teddybears have their piiiiiiiiiiiiicnic!

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Cake of the week #41 – Engerlaaaand

We’re not English, but you know – good luck and such x

Cake of the Week #40 – Casanova Memorial Cakes!

Yes, we are quite far from Valentines day love ins, but we’re also on the cusp of wedding season. As sickly sweet as it is, we’ve decided to embrace love cakes this week, in honor of Giacomo Casanova, the legendary Italian stallion who died on this day in 1798.

It’s also a great excuse to put a picture of David Tennant on the blog (Tennant played Casanova in a BBC drama three parter recently) and Kate is always looking for an excuse to put a picture of David Tennant on the Blog. Sigh.

But now to tastier things – cakes! Awesome cupcake with a modern spin – everyone loves cupcakes.

If you like your cakes masculine and subtle, this one is not for you…

 Bet it’s still yum though. Ahhhhhhhhh, and lastly, heart shaped fruit!

Not too many pics this week, because only so much sickening affection can be tolerated in conjunction with sickening amounts of fondant. We shall be back to our usual quirkiness next week, with a healthy dose of scepticism to even this out.

Cake of the Week #39 – Political Cupcakes with a shock result!

Britain has faffed about on a national scale this year, and no one has won our election. The Queen is now in an awkward spot, and our plans for a Red/Yellow/Blue themed CotW are smashed to smithereens – a hung parliament has grave repercussions for all! Always thinking on our feet in a crisis though, we found these instead!

Cliccy the Piccy!

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Cake of the week #38 – WE LOVE YOU!

This cake (care of natiledee – awesome netcomic!) is for you, dear blog readers!

Because thanks to you, we have had over 3,000 hits this month! Our busiest ever! The best birthday present y’all could have given to us both by far. However – next month, it is our turn to give back TO YOU, because the blog will be ONE YEAR OLD! ZOMG! Expect lots of celebratory celebrations.

Until then, we love you. You’re all too awesome for words.

Cake of the week #36 – Celebrity Face Cakes!

Here’s a story for you: My Mum always makes my birthday cakes. She makes the best cake. One year when I was young and ungrateful, she spent, literally, hours icing Disney’s Little Mermaid onto cake for my birthday party. When she showed it to me I said, “She looks ugly”. My poor Mum!!! It’s difficult to ice faces onto cakes well, but looking back on photos of my cake my Mum did genuinely do an EXCELLENT job –  she wasn’t at all ugly. She was gorgeous infact. And lovingly piped. However, ungrateful infant me was a right biatch about it. I hate myself sometimes.

So, here are some of the internet’s celebrity face cakes. I love them because of the effort and the love (not necessarily what they look like. Some of these are actually ugly.)

Don’t laugh!

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Cake of the week #35 – Kate of the Week!

Guess whose birthday it is this weekend?!

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Cake of the Week #34 – Easter Cake!

Obviously, we had to go with Easter this week. And we’re starting with Simnel Cake – the Easter classic!

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Cake of the Week #33 – Free Cake!

God, we love cake. But know what we love more? FREE CAKE!

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