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What Pops?!

Summer – the season of (hopefully no) mists and (much) fruitfulness…and lollipops. Yum.

Lollipops are summer on a stick so if you’re planning a garden party in the sunshine why don’t you take some inspiration from the fruity stick of refreshing-ness (new word ahoy!) and serve all your food on sticks!


There are many a plus point to food stuffs on sticks but i shall mention only one:

1. It looks awesome

and yes, that is a Daniel Craig ice lolly. Sexy, isn’t it. —>






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Ming Makes Cupcakes

 Don’t those cupcakes look unbelievably delicious?! Well theres more! On Ming Makes Cupcakes. And, she puts the recipes up too! Win! Everyone loves cupcakes however normal old sponge/icing cupcakes are old hat dudes! If you’re planning on serving cupcakes at your party give them a twist! Some ingredients Ming uses in hers are: beetroot, parsnip, guinness and sour cream! I’m dying to make some!

Make your own: Macaroons

Cupcakes are soooo last year…

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St Paddy’s Day Cake!

The 17th March is St. Patricks Day, an Irish national holiday that has been adopted by non-Irish people as a day to go out and getting absolutely ratarsed, just for the craic. If that is what you’re up to this Wednesday, have fun! However, some people have to work on Thursday and may like to celebrate in a sober manner. And some people just like an excuse to party and eat cake, like us!

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