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These are my non existant snow feet yesterday:

Are you loving or hating the snow?

I love it!

Kate x

Resolution Generator

Do you make new years resolutions? I don’t normally. But if you’d like to pretend you’ll give up / keep up / start up or do something this year but can’t think of what. then click here and the internet will tell you what to do.

(via Swiss Miss)

Happy New Year!

Hello lovely readers! Gosh, it’s been a while. The blog took a little holiday over the festive period while Laura and myself ate far too much. But we’re back, in a new decade.

We hope you had a delightful Christmas and a fun new year. We spent last night at a friends house. Her name is Mouse, and she put on a delicious buffet and provided a venue for a Motormouth marathon. Then we watched tipsy friends dance around to Oasis. Perfect.

What did you guys get up to for new years?

Christmas Dog

Just because.

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Alternative Christmas Tree

Maaaan trees are expensive this year. Apparently there’s a shortage or summit.

I recommend wrapping up warm, getting a thermos flask full of cocoa and going for a wintery walk in the woods picking up branches to make this:

( via you are my fave)

Kate’s Christmas Tree

Say “hello” to my tree for 2009. Unlike Laura, I am not a fan of change when it comes to Christmas. My tree is always the same and that’s how I like it. We used to have the tradish green and red decs for the tree with random school made decorations thrown in for good measure. But Ikea tempted us with these silver beauties – which include sparkly snowflakes, stars and angels – a few years ago and this is what adorns our festive plant at the moment. The fluffy star on the top is love to me.

How do you bling up your trees?

Scrooge? Be Gone! – #3

Make an orange stuffed with cloves. It’s the easiest and the most Christmassy smelling decoration. It’s Christmas in a fruit!

(photo from Stephanie Levy)

Scrooge? Be Gone! – #2

Have a Gingerbread Latté. It’s Christmas in a cup!

(photo via Pretty Foods)

Scrooge? Be Gone! – #1

Watch Love Actually. It’s Christmas in a case.


Pinecone decorations

Home made christmas decorations are so cute. Especially the ones you made in school when you were five that are still being hung on the tree all those years later. We don’t all have the time these days to sit down and stick tonnes of glitter onto cardboard but how easy and pretty are these:

These would look lovely around the house and will bring an outdoor friend for your christmas tree!

(Inspiration via You Are My Fave)