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Rock Place Cards

Some photos for inspiration…



A permanent marker would do the job on the rock and everyone in the world ever has a permanent marker lying around their house. You usually find out when you write a note on a sheet of paper, the ink seeps through the paper and stains your lovely table underneath. Ruddy things. Ink WON’T seep through rock though so you’re safe.

(Inspiration via Once Wed)

Need an Excuse to party? #8

Today in the French Republican Calendar, it’s Parsnip day!

Gotta love the 'snips.

Gotta love the 'snips.

So join us in celebrating this utterly random holiday. Crazy French.

Also, special birthday mentions for Tamworth’s future Mr Olympia, who can now legally gamble his life away in Vegas. Have a good one, Oli!

21 years young

21 years young

How to make the Forties Happen!

If you’re going to have a party in a bombshelter, you gotta do it right!
*fanfare please*

*fanfare please*

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Sunday Blues

tumblr_kpwvshYZVf1qzbu7io1_500_largeHello lovelies.

Have you had fun weekends? We have spent ours with boyfriends and friends at a wedding, a car boot sale, a bar and at the lovely new John Lewis in Cardiff (go check it out, its special!). We also ate some pretty delicious burgers today. Yum.

We hope you have enjoyed your precious two days off work.

Enjoy your week! x

(photo via weheartit)

Porn Confetti

Look what some cheeky Germans have come up with. Scalliwags.


Interested? You can get yourself some fun filth here. And its a bargain! *heart*

Cake of the Week #14 – Cakey Zeta Jones

Catherine Zeta Jones and Hubby Michael Douglas are both celebrating their birthday today. So here is a picture of their wedding cake!

Apparently there's a cake in there somewhere...

Apparently there's a cake in there somewhere...

Happy Birthday both x

Anatomy of a Bargain basement costume

Long before Barack, there was Rosie

Long before Barack, there was Rosie

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Inspiration from the past…

Three are ALL about Vintage, and what better place to start for inspiration than going back in time?!

Welcome to St Fagans!
Welcome to St Fagans!

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Hello dear readers!

Don’t forget that if you think we’re doing something good, or doing something terribly or if you would like something specific to feature on the blog or even if you want some help creating that perfect party to fit your budget you can always comment or sign the guest book. We love your feedback! We’re still pretty new to the blogging world and want to make Three’s A Party the best it can possibly be for you lovely readers. So, leave us love or loathing. Whatever fits!

Big love,

Kate and Laura xx

Famous fan?

Look who’s OBVIOUSLY checked out this post from us!


It’s Taylor Swift, incase you live under a rock.

She’s pretty.

(Photos via Twitter)