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Need an excuse to party? #1

Throw a party for Mike Tyson. He turns 43 today.

Happy Birthday Mike!

Feed me CAAAAAKE!!

Feed me CAAAAAKE!!

Recycle your Party!

Heyooo – we’re back from a few days off with a fantastic new find of a website, especially their fabulous Make your own Party favour items! And as it’s recycling, it’s all thrifty, nifty and saving the world one shindig at a time…


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Cake of the Week #4 – Funny Bunnies

In honour of our partner-in-crime, former housemate, Crooshal Croo Co-founder, dear friend and bunny lover Hoopdawg, this week’s cake of the week theme be lop eared and bucktoothed…Magic_Hat_Cupcakes_2

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Design your own Party Dress!

But without all the fuss! Put away your tailoring scissors and leave the sewing machine under its cover – three have found the answer to your prayers – the kind of prayers offered up on a shopping trip when you know *exactly* what you want to wear to that houseparty, but you can’t find it anywhere…


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Happy Papa’s Day!

   fathersday                                                     A belated Happy Father’s Day to all Dad’s out there!

What did you guys get up to with your Dad?

I took mine out for an afternoon tea at the Waterloo Gardens Teahouse, in Cardiff. For a mere £9.50 a head, we had a lovely lunch of delicious sandwiches, odd cakes (Courgette and Lime, anyone?!), and the largest selection of  teas I’ve ever seen (hello rosebud tea!). My Dad and me chose the chinese breakfast tea, which had a hint of chocolate. YUM! We had fun pretending to be tea experts. waterlooteaHere’s a linky: . It comes with the Three seal of approval.

We then took a nice walk to the Bay to walk off some of the cake belly.

It didn’t cost the earth, but my Dad said he had a nice day – and that’s all that counts.


Nature’s Bounty

Ahhhhh! Flowers! There’s nothing like flowers to brighten up a day – unless, like me, you are a hayfever sufferer. They tend to fug up a day rather than brighten it. Still, hayfever couldn’t have got ay worse yesterday when I was out walking the dog, so I thought “Allergens be damned” and went flower hunting. And lookit!


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Another Wedding Dress…

…but this one is not by Vivienne Westwood, and nor does it cost £1.8 million! We were feeling pretty rubbish for going off message and showing you those beautiful but ridonkulously expensive frocks, but lo! On a shopping trip in a small seaside town we made amends – Looksie:



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