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Top Five : Emergency Halloween!


Eep! The day has come and you haven’t organised a thing!

Don’t panic. Follow these steps to have a simple and money friendly halloween bash.

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Happy Friday!


Have fun weekends guys!

If you’re partying tomorrow we hope its fabulous.

We fully endorse spending Sunday eating all the spare sweets left over from your trick or treat stash.

Kate and Laura xx

Cake of the Week #19 – All Hallows bake

DO NOT put candles INSIDE cakes. It will not end well.

Well, it’s not a blindingly original theme for our weekly cakey delights, but my GOD is it delicious!

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Abandonment Issues

Aaaaaaalll byyyyyy myyyyyseeeeeeeeeeeelf....

Aaaaaaalll byyyyyy myyyyyseeeeeeeeeeeelf....

Now tis Kate’s turn to abandon me – she has swanned off to London town for a few days, whilst I remain in sunny Wales! Boo. But! This week we will be bringing you a few more Halloweeny things, and I will be working on the first of our Christmas madcap ideas – i.e. I’m designing my own invite to a Christmas party. It’s not that interesting if you don’t think of it as “madcap” – but the point is I’m basically a loon when it comes to graphics, so if I can do it, so can you. Much to look forward to on the blog this winter – keep your comments coming!

Much love,

Lone Blog Ranger x



Phew! Another week of work done and dusted. For me, it was my last week before half term. (God bless working in a school.) I shall spend half my week off in London and half of it being a lazy arse at home. Perfect.

Laura will be back and blogging soon.

Have lovely weekends!

Kate xx

Ps. Thanks for visiting and keeping me company this week!

(Photo via WeHeartIt)


Love this bouquet! So pretty!


(Flowers by Nicolette Camille, via Once Wed)

Ikea and thumbprints

I’m pretty sure heaven looks like Ikea. Laura and me spend probably too much time there. God bless them and their meatballs. Sure, we all know they’re numero uno for household bits and bobs but providing people with pretty wedding decorations? Paul and Cassie funked up their wedding ceremony with just the prettiest little light. And it was only $30!


And they had such a sweet idea for a wedding day keepsake!

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Cake of the Week #18 – Smurftastic!

The Smurfs are 61 today! Yay!

So frickin happy all the time...

So frickin happy all the time...

Baby Hour!


(photo via Martha)

Happy Birthday Mum!


It’s my Mum’s birthday today! She doesn’t know how old she’ll be. I think you forget when you get past a certain age.

She’s a lovely mum, so I hope she has a nice day!

Kate xx