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Why we love thrifted vintage…

Guess how much this amazing vintage wedding dress cost this lovely lady.

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Cake of the Week #33 – Free Cake!

God, we love cake. But know what we love more? FREE CAKE!

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Make your own: Macaroons

Cupcakes are soooo last year…

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Cake of the Week #32 – SPRING CAKES!

All the crocuses are out, the daffodils are running riot over the fields and the sun is making an occasional appearance. There has even been a minute, barly noticeable rise in tempurature. SPRING IS HERE! Let’s have some cake.

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Spring Wedding Favours with a conscience…

We’re still all about Spring and Daffodils this week, and our upcoming Cake of the Week will be celebrating all things fresh and springy too. In the mean time, we had a thought – why not be lovely and treat your Spring party/Spring  Wedding guests to a charitable gift?

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St Paddy’s Day Cake!

The 17th March is St. Patricks Day, an Irish national holiday that has been adopted by non-Irish people as a day to go out and getting absolutely ratarsed, just for the craic. If that is what you’re up to this Wednesday, have fun! However, some people have to work on Thursday and may like to celebrate in a sober manner. And some people just like an excuse to party and eat cake, like us!

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Three Birthdays – we need YOU!

Kate and Laura will both be ticking over another year in April. Kate and Laura are uncharacteristically uninspired for their birthdays this year.Kate and Laura need your help!

photoshop + boredom x(google image search) = ...

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Happy Mother’s Day, Mothers!

Happy Mother’s Day!
Mamahump’s flowers

The Mumthrees are both being taken for high tea. How very British, what?! Three advocate saving money and wise spending always, but absolutely no skimping on Mother’s day!

Cake of the week #31 – A host of Golden Daffodils!

We’ve finally had enough days where there have been confirmed sightings of the sun through the snowclouds to call it spring!

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Free Culture!

Peoples, tomorrow sees the grand opening of the Artes Mundi exhibition in the National Museum, Cardiff. You *have* to go see this!

By Adrian Paci. Click the Pic!

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