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Ming Makes Cupcakes

 Don’t those cupcakes look unbelievably delicious?! Well theres more! On Ming Makes Cupcakes. And, she puts the recipes up too! Win! Everyone loves cupcakes however normal old sponge/icing cupcakes are old hat dudes! If you’re planning on serving cupcakes at your party give them a twist! Some ingredients Ming uses in hers are: beetroot, parsnip, guinness and sour cream! I’m dying to make some!

Happy Birthday Blog!

Haaaappy birthday dear Threeeeeee, Happy birthday to yooooooou!

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Sustainable Arts and Crafts, anyone?

Having a sort out often throws up vast piles of rubbish that isn’t quite rubbish – stuff that you know there must be a use for somewhere, but can’t quite work it out. How about making a corsage?!


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Cake of the Week #39 – Political Cupcakes with a shock result!

Britain has faffed about on a national scale this year, and no one has won our election. The Queen is now in an awkward spot, and our plans for a Red/Yellow/Blue themed CotW are smashed to smithereens – a hung parliament has grave repercussions for all! Always thinking on our feet in a crisis though, we found these instead!

Cliccy the Piccy!

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Party Politics Party!

STOP! Election time. 

David Cameron is no fun. He won't even join in the election dance.

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Happy Bank Holiday!

I’m not sure the weather was quite nice enough to dance around the May Pole today but we still celebrated a lovely day off. Laura and me spent it here:

Dan Yr Ogof caves! That’s Laura and Matt there. Being mysterious.

Did you all have gorgeous days?