Party Games for Pennies!

Thought it was about time we delivered another delicious top five to you, our delicious audience. So here we go! Awesome party games that are completely free (unless you don’t have a sofa…we’ll explain in a minute)


1. The Post-it Game

This is an old classic, and what with its inclusion in Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds, it’s rolled right around to being iconic. The game is:  Everyone sits in a circle, and takes a postit (If you don’t have any postits at home, you can always schneef half a pad from work – we didn’t tell you to though x). They each write a name on the postit for the person to their left, then attach it to their forehead without the person seeing. You then ask yes-or-no questions to try and work out who you are – if you get a “Yes” answer, you get to ask another question, but if you get a “No” then it’s the next person’s go. Can be made easier/more interesting by imposing a category, like “Cartoon Characters”, “Authors”, “World Leaders” etc – you can think of better. My personal favourite was “Bad taste” – but you really have to be careful who you’re playing with!

2. Spin the Bottle

Yes, it’s free (who doesn’t own a bottle?!) but what does it cost emotionally? Morally? Philosophically? Potentially, a lot. Play with extreme caution.

 3. The Psychiatrist               

One player is designated “Psychiatrist”, and is sent out of earshot. All the other players (the patients) have to agree on a problem they can all suffer from, e.g. thinking you are a certain celebrity, being afraid of cardigans, being addicted to spam – anything you want! The Psychiatrist then has to ask each player a set number of questions to each patient – say 3 or 5 – and try and work out what you’re all suffering from. The question format is up to you – you can stick to yes-or-no or go nuts and ask whatever you want. There’s also the option of shouting “Psychiatrist” if said Psychiatrist asks a question you don’t want to answer. There are various rules on this, but generally you’re better of limiting it to one “Psychiatrist!” per person. Or not play the Psychiatrist-shouty rule at all.

4. Charades

It’s amazing. It’s an old one, and everyone has played it, but people forget just how awesome it can be. Especially if you’re all a few drinks to the wind and have some ridiculous category on it, like “American Politicians 1960-69” or “Root Vegetables”. Variations abound, but the classic is just fine – split into teams, and the one team gives a person from the other a thingummybob to act out in 1 minute. Hilarity ensues.

5. Sofa Chess

Also known as Parliament or the Couch of Power – weird one, this one, but hilarious. You need an even number of people, and you need a seat for each player, plus one empty seat. Split in half for teams – one team can distinguish themselves by wearing a headband or hat, turning up a trouser leg or summert. Preferably, you need a sofa, big enough to accommodate one whole team (if not, line up some seats as designate them the Sofa). You then sit down on the seats in a circle, with alternating teams (i.e.) no team mates are next to each other. Everyone writes their name on a piece of paper, and then puts it into a bag/hat, and everyone chooses a name, and holds on to it. You then start – player one calls out a name, and that person who picked that name out of the hat has to move to the empty seat. The goal is to control the sofa – it’s a bit like Risk with furniture instead of world domination.


So there you have it! Liquor up and party on x

(NOTE: If you’re playing party games at a child’s birthday party, Three kindly request that you do NOT liquor up. Many thanks.)

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