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Sustainable Arts and Crafts, anyone?

Having a sort out often throws up vast piles of rubbish that isn’t quite rubbish – stuff that you know there must be a use for somewhere, but can’t quite work it out. How about making a corsage?!


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Cake of the week #35 – Kate of the Week!

Guess whose birthday it is this weekend?!

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A woman after our own heart!

“I don’t believe in the Republican Party. Or the Democratic Party. I just believe in parties.” – Samantha Jones


(Sex and the City Season 3)

Cake of the week #28 – Nappy New Year!

We’re all about Calorie free cakes this January, so here we are with a natty little idea for a babyshower – the nappy cake!

Tiniest. Screenshot. Ever.

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Cake of the week #11 – Paint it black

V is for...um...very black?

V is for...um...very black?

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