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Happy Birthday Blog!

Haaaappy birthday dear Threeeeeee, Happy birthday to yooooooou!

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 Laura turns the ripe old age of 23 today! Continue reading

Cake of the week #35 – Kate of the Week!

Guess whose birthday it is this weekend?!

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Need an Excuse to Party? #17 – Who the *beep* is Alice?!

Rock and Roll Mascara is ALWAYS in fashion

Rock N Roll Mascara is ALWAYS in fashion!

Alice Cooper is 62 today! Woop woop! Get some tunes on, get the make up out and party on until dawn x

OMG! We’re 200!

This is our 200th post – how mental! Thank you all for sharing in this crazy, crazy blog x

Gift Idea

Have you got a wedding / birthday / big celebration to buy a present for? We like this:

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How to make a Booksafe

Got all crafty this Christmas with some second hand books – all pre-loved so I didn’t feel so bad about cutting their hearts out. A booksafe is a book, much like any other on your bookshelf to the untrained eye, but when you open it up, it’s actually a super secret storage facility! Really nice gift idea, and one that you can personalise for anyone! Here’s a step by step guide.


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