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Wreath on Earth

We really are on an alternative Christmas bender this week, and why the hell not?! Remember what we said about Tradition? But yeah. Looks like the Guardian are getting in our act now!

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Alternative Christmas Tree #2

Ok, so Kate is not pro-change when it comes to la Crimbo. Neither are some of you stuck-in-your-ways commentors! Totally fine – Christmas is all about traditions, and I have many of my own (Christmas Eve Cinema trip, Toast with real butter, at least one family member with Flu by New year – the usual…). As important as Tradition is however, I think it’s important to remember this message…


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Alternative Christmas Tree

Maaaan trees are expensive this year. Apparently there’s a shortage or summit.

I recommend wrapping up warm, getting a thermos flask full of cocoa and going for a wintery walk in the woods picking up branches to make this:

( via you are my fave)

Spice up your old Decorations

We’re all for refreshing ideas for Christmas decorating ideas that don’t cost a bomb…

Perhaps the girls-for-hire are an original idea *too* far...

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Need an Excuse to Party? # 13 OMGXMAS!


It’s Christmas! It’s Christmas! And we’re getting totally carried away with ourselves.

Humbug = NO!

Three can promise you crazy Christmas cakes of the week, Yuletide Excuses to Party, Noelicious Quick Picks, Bethlehem-tastic Bargains, How to have a Humbugerous Party on the cheap and a Partridge in a ruddy pear tree!!


(Yes, we know we’re far too excited for the first of the month. Imagine what we’ll be like in a week…)