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Spring Wedding Favours with a conscience…

We’re still all about Spring and Daffodils this week, and our upcoming Cake of the Week will be celebrating all things fresh and springy too. In the mean time, we had a thought – why not be lovely and treat your Spring party/Spring  Wedding guests to a charitable gift?

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Wedding Dress bargains.


Question: If you could afford a designer wedding dress for your big day would you get one?

Answer : Of course you would!!

Of course, us mere mortals could never afford such extravagance oorrr could we?

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Love this bouquet! So pretty!


(Flowers by Nicolette Camille, via Once Wed)

Cake of the Week #16 – Murder Mystery!

One of Three is going to be making a tit of herself tonight, playing the part of a housekeeper in a murder mystery. We’re having cake to celebrate!

Mmmm. Sugary Police Tape!
Mmmm. Sugary Police Tape!

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Cake of the week #15 – Yay, it’s Autumn!*

Check out some of our other Cakes of the Week!

* Translation for all our American friends – Yay, it’s Fall!

And what better way to celebrate the arrival of what is, surely, the prettiest season that ever there was than with some stonking huge cakes?!

Pumpkin Patch tastic!

Pumpkin Patch tastic!

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Porn Confetti

Look what some cheeky Germans have come up with. Scalliwags.


Interested? You can get yourself some fun filth here. And its a bargain! *heart*

Cake of the Week #12 – Blitzcake!


We’re ridonkulously excited about our imminent 1940s party, and so here we go with some more themed posting!

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