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We’re Baaaaaack!

We have been to Copenhagen! It was awesome but weird. Here we are in our Segway Helmets:

Segways! w00t! Click the Pic to see what we did on our Segways.

We have some serious plans for the coming months, and promise not to abandon you again. Especially not for Denmark, which is very expensive.

Cake of the week #38 – WE LOVE YOU!

This cake (care of natiledee – awesome netcomic!) is for you, dear blog readers!

Because thanks to you, we have had over 3,000 hits this month! Our busiest ever! The best birthday present y’all could have given to us both by far. However – next month, it is our turn to give back TO YOU, because the blog will be ONE YEAR OLD! ZOMG! Expect lots of celebratory celebrations.

Until then, we love you. You’re all too awesome for words.

Exciting Announcement!


This picture has nothing to do with anything. We just wish it would snow.

Three, we, i.e. Kate and Laura, are going to a Vintage Fashion Fair in Cardiff on Saturday… Continue reading