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Wedding Entrance

This is so lovely! I smiled the entire way through. This has got to be the happiest wedding entrance ever in the history of weddings.

Lemon Wedding

Yet more evidence that you don’t have to spend a fortune to have a sweet, romantic wedding.

I absolutely looove these pictures. Lets be honest, the only thing you really need for a gorgeous al fresco wedding is sunshine, but half the fun of the wedding is the planning right? You need something to occupy you while you wait and pray like you’ve never prayed before for the sun! So here, fruit! Suprisingly dreamy looking and cheap as chips. Plus perfect for the drinks later!














(Via OnceWed)

Wooden it be nice…

…if all roses looked this awesome forever?

Too purdy for words...

Too purdy for words...

DIY Party time!

Now hold on, I hear you cry, aren’t ALL one’s parties DIY parties (unless you pay squillions of pounds for an events organiser that could never be as good as this site)?! Well, my dear friend – ye have misunderstood the premise…

"Spirit Level" noun. The amount of bourbon in your bloodstream

"Spirit Level" noun. The amount of bourbon in your bloodstream

We’re coming up to the summer bank holiday, people have moved from student accommodation to houses, and there are lots of people going “oh crap, I’ve got annual leave left!” and deciding to do a bit of home improvement. Having had several conversations with people over the weekend, the consensus seems to be ” x job really needs doing, but I don’t know where to start and it’ll take forever.” This is a problem, but its one that is easily solved – as most problems are – with a party!

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Top Five Independence Day Tips

It be Independence Day! Hollaaaa at our cousins across the pond!

"Hope you got airbag. WOOOOO"

"Hope you got airbag. WOOOOO"

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Rock n Roll all night for diddly squat

Say hello to one of the cheapest fancy dress costumes ever:


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Cake of the Week #4 – Funny Bunnies

In honour of our partner-in-crime, former housemate, Crooshal Croo Co-founder, dear friend and bunny lover Hoopdawg, this week’s cake of the week theme be lop eared and bucktoothed…Magic_Hat_Cupcakes_2

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Design your own Party Dress!

But without all the fuss! Put away your tailoring scissors and leave the sewing machine under its cover – three have found the answer to your prayers – the kind of prayers offered up on a shopping trip when you know *exactly* what you want to wear to that houseparty, but you can’t find it anywhere…


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Nature’s Bounty

Ahhhhh! Flowers! There’s nothing like flowers to brighten up a day – unless, like me, you are a hayfever sufferer. They tend to fug up a day rather than brighten it. Still, hayfever couldn’t have got ay worse yesterday when I was out walking the dog, so I thought “Allergens be damned” and went flower hunting. And lookit!


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Another Wedding Dress…

…but this one is not by Vivienne Westwood, and nor does it cost £1.8 million! We were feeling pretty rubbish for going off message and showing you those beautiful but ridonkulously expensive frocks, but lo! On a shopping trip in a small seaside town we made amends – Looksie:



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