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Top Five Independence Day Tips

It be Independence Day! Hollaaaa at our cousins across the pond!

"Hope you got airbag. WOOOOO"

"Hope you got airbag. WOOOOO"

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Cake of the Week #4 – Funny Bunnies

In honour of our partner-in-crime, former housemate, Crooshal Croo Co-founder, dear friend and bunny lover Hoopdawg, this week’s cake of the week theme be lop eared and bucktoothed…Magic_Hat_Cupcakes_2

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Nature’s Bounty

Ahhhhh! Flowers! There’s nothing like flowers to brighten up a day – unless, like me, you are a hayfever sufferer. They tend to fug up a day rather than brighten it. Still, hayfever couldn’t have got ay worse yesterday when I was out walking the dog, so I thought “Allergens be damned” and went flower hunting. And lookit!


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Top Five Party Favours

When Three were wee little socialites, the best bit of going to a party was going home, because a tired and teary birthday sprog would be lined up next to Mum at the door to hand out the gift bags! Result. Ugly hair slides, cheap gummy sweets and 2 crayons – what more does a child need for happiness?!

Where's my goodybag, bitch?!
Where’s my goodybag, bitch?!

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Cake of the Week #2 – Seaside Cakes

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Ok, so the weather may have turned on us short term, but British summer time has officially started and in true credit crunch style, Brits are going to be heading for the beaches in their droves. Why not have a birthday beach party, and a cake to match?


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Give the gift of dance!

For the price a Michael Jackson CD, you can give possibly THE coolest gift idea EVER.

LOVE this!

A stitch in time, saves MONEY!

Stuck for an awesome wedding gift? Wedding gift lists may be practical (and pricey!) but who wants to give a toaster to commemorate such a special day?! Uh, not me.

Well, how about this for a sweet and thrifty idea: if you (or  a helpful friend) are handy with a needle and thread why don’t you take some inspiration from Grandma and start quilting!

Patch wall

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