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How to make a Booksafe

Got all crafty this Christmas with some second hand books – all pre-loved so I didn’t feel so bad about cutting their hearts out. A booksafe is a book, much like any other on your bookshelf to the untrained eye, but when you open it up, it’s actually a super secret storage facility! Really nice gift idea, and one that you can personalise for anyone! Here’s a step by step guide.


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Shhhh! Secret Crafts!

Don’t tell anyone, but we’re working on some super awesome crafts for Christmas! For reasons relating to the joy of seeing a surprised friend at Christmastime, most of them can’t be posted (YET), but we had to say SOMETHING because we’re just too excited!

Secret Crafts = Yes! Secret Smile ruining David Tennant for everyone = NO.

 Secrets will be revealed soon, in time for you all to get your butts into gear and make some yourself – never fear x

Porn Confetti

Look what some cheeky Germans have come up with. Scalliwags.


Interested? You can get yourself some fun filth here. And its a bargain! *heart*

Cake of the Week #12 – Blitzcake!


We’re ridonkulously excited about our imminent 1940s party, and so here we go with some more themed posting!

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Car Boot Karma – top tips!

Hey kids. What’s cooler than shopping? How about shopping, helping to recycle and making someone else a little bit of extra moolah for their troubles? I know. Karmatastic.

A British Institution

A British Institution

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Ballroom Blitz

We can’t ever forget the horrors of war on a home front, but nor should we ever forget the amazing sense of community that was bourne out of such hardship in 1940s Britain. Blighty without a party? Not bloody likely, Johnny Foreigner!

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DIY Party time!

Now hold on, I hear you cry, aren’t ALL one’s parties DIY parties (unless you pay squillions of pounds for an events organiser that could never be as good as this site)?! Well, my dear friend – ye have misunderstood the premise…

"Spirit Level" noun. The amount of bourbon in your bloodstream

"Spirit Level" noun. The amount of bourbon in your bloodstream

We’re coming up to the summer bank holiday, people have moved from student accommodation to houses, and there are lots of people going “oh crap, I’ve got annual leave left!” and deciding to do a bit of home improvement. Having had several conversations with people over the weekend, the consensus seems to be ” x job really needs doing, but I don’t know where to start and it’ll take forever.” This is a problem, but its one that is easily solved – as most problems are – with a party!

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