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Party Inspiration: China

Andrea, over at Hula Seventy, created a super sweet Chinese themed party for her daughters 8th birthday. The photos were so gorgeous, we had to share for inspiration:

Click on over to her blog to see more!

(inspiration and photos from Hula Seventy)

Need an excuse to party? – #15


On this day in 2002, the UK was declared free of foot-and-mouth disease. Big wOOp! To celebrate this, eat lots and lots of beef burgers without the worry of turning into a mad cow just because. (Soz, I’m not an animal disease expert)

(picture via We Heart It – interesting fashion shoot idea, no?!)

Party plans?

‘Party season’ is officially over – for some. However, we at Three don’t conform to such seasons! Party season is all year round baybay! 

If you are planning some up coming parties but are thinking this:

“I want to throw a spectacular shindig but I’m seriously broke after Christmas – HELP!!”

then look no further! Leave us a comment or email us at threesaparty@hotmail.co.uk and we’ll be more than happy to give you some hints and tips to create a party with a small price tag.

Need an excuse to party? – #9

Make like a Mexican and throw a party for the last day of the Day of the Dead celebrations. I know its pretty morbid but if you ignore the ‘dead’ part it looks like a pretty sweet national holiday. So colourful!


Party Nails


How amazing are Katy Perry’s nails?! This is dedication to a party theme! She had a Willy Wonka themed birthday party recently (awesome idea) and got some custom oompa loompa nails done.

We think they’re pretty fabulous, if a little freaky.

(photo from Twitter)

Half Price Halloween#4 – Cocktail Broomsticks


Feeling fancy this Halloween? It’s not all about covering yourself in blood and going trick or treating. How about a cocktail party decorated using these super cute, super easy and super cheap cocktail sticks?!

cocktail broomsticks2cocktail broomsticks









I think I may make some myself!

A lovely How-To is available here