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Pretty party decoration

This looks so summery and lovely. If you dont have any left over material lurking in your attics then material shops will sell you some for pretty cheap. Pin up some string and tie your material scraps to it. This would also funk up some chairs, if tied to the backs of them. Or you could pin them to the edge of a table. Or you could make a hula skirt!

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Lightbulb Plants

How sweet!

Used – Date Party

Yet again we steal another pearl of wisdom from Sex and the City. This time we turn to Charlotte. Not surprising as we are approaching the day of love and Charlotte is as sickly as  melted chocolate, dribbled on a kitten wrapped in a pink bow.

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Charity Shop Bargain!

Look what I got in a Tamworth Sue Ryder Shop!

Retro Party Time!

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Need an Excuse to Party? #17 – Who the *beep* is Alice?!

Rock and Roll Mascara is ALWAYS in fashion

Rock N Roll Mascara is ALWAYS in fashion!

Alice Cooper is 62 today! Woop woop! Get some tunes on, get the make up out and party on until dawn x

Pic N Mix table – DIY!

Over Christmas, it may have been mentioned, three decided to have a bit of a party. Children and adults alike were in attendance, but all loved THIS: 

Piccy Mix! w00t!

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Kylie is pretty

Kylie Minogue at a birthday party. Just because.