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Three Birthdays – we need YOU!

Kate and Laura will both be ticking over another year in April. Kate and Laura are uncharacteristically uninspired for their birthdays this year.Kate and Laura need your help!

photoshop + boredom x(google image search) = ...

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Party plans?

‘Party season’ is officially over – for some. However, we at Three don’t conform to such seasons! Party season is all year round baybay! 

If you are planning some up coming parties but are thinking this:

“I want to throw a spectacular shindig but I’m seriously broke after Christmas – HELP!!”

then look no further! Leave us a comment or email us at threesaparty@hotmail.co.uk and we’ll be more than happy to give you some hints and tips to create a party with a small price tag.

Invites: Do it your ruddy self!

And so began our blog, with a short article on  saving money and the planet by eviting people – ahhh, memories. However, sometimes you just need to stick a stamp on it, and this is what we be doing for our humbug party!

Stripes = oh yes.

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Paper Planes

What a sweet idea! Paper plane chains.

This would be a perfect and simple way to jazz up a going away party.

I wish I’d seen this earlier as two of our buddies have moved abroad and these would have been perfect for farewell shindigs.

Love the little guys waving!

(Inspiration from Color Me Katie)

Three People having a Party

The three people are Chris Moyles, Comedy Dave and Dom from the Radio 1 breakfast show. This is the most fun we have ever seen people have for free, and it is so damn funny to watch  we might have a party to celebrate it!

We laaaave it!