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Abandonment Issues

Aaaaaaalll byyyyyy myyyyyseeeeeeeeeeeelf....

Aaaaaaalll byyyyyy myyyyyseeeeeeeeeeeelf....

Now tis Kate’s turn to abandon me – she has swanned off to London town for a few days, whilst I remain in sunny Wales! Boo. But! This week we will be bringing you a few more Halloweeny things, and I will be working on the first of our Christmas madcap ideas – i.e. I’m designing my own invite to a Christmas party. It’s not that interesting if you don’t think of it as “madcap” – but the point is I’m basically a loon when it comes to graphics, so if I can do it, so can you. Much to look forward to on the blog this winter – keep your comments coming!

Much love,

Lone Blog Ranger x