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Free Printables! – Invites

These are super sweet, and super free! And they’re blank so can be used for anything your heart desires.

Click here for the bunting invites and here for the hummingbird invites.

Thank you to Nonpareil Magazine!

(From Nonpareil Magazine)

A lovely Announcement!


It’s rapidly becoming announcement Friday around here, what with last week’s new email subscription option and all, but don’t worry! It’s just coinkydink -we’re not trying to steal Cake of the Week’s thunder!

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Invites: Do it your ruddy self!

And so began our blog, with a short article on  saving money and the planet by eviting people – ahhh, memories. However, sometimes you just need to stick a stamp on it, and this is what we be doing for our humbug party!

Stripes = oh yes.

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Face Invite

Saving paper? Can’t be bothered to print out lots of invites?

Why not paint your invite to your face?


Either take a photo and email it to all your mateys OR alternatively, walk around town. This may attract some nutters but if you’re in the mood for a Skins style rave, go for it!

(Don’t tattoo this to your face – it’s not a good permanent look.)

Cute Invites!

We just could not resist sharing this cute DIY project with you all.


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We’re throwing a 1940’s Blitz Party! 

Which means dressing up, dancing, games and partying like its your last – which it may very well be, there’s a war on dontcha know!

We’ll be documenting all preparations and money spent – we’re rationing our pounds – on the blog so keep clicking!

Ballroom Blitz

We can’t ever forget the horrors of war on a home front, but nor should we ever forget the amazing sense of community that was bourne out of such hardship in 1940s Britain. Blighty without a party? Not bloody likely, Johnny Foreigner!

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Lord, What fools these mortals be…


We’re having a Midsummer Night’s Party, to celebrate the improved weather (although as I write it’s raining…). The picture of opulence and excess, we thought this would be the perfect theme to prove that a fabulous gathering can be had on the cheap! We’ll be logging our progress right here for you to see. 

Merry and Tragical! Tedious and Brief! That is, hot ice and wonderous strange snow. How shall we find the concorde of this discorde?

Theseus, Act 1,  A Midsummer Night’s Dream

How indeed, Billy Shakes?! How indeed. Stay tuned to find out about the concorde of our discorde…

 Please Note: British Summertime = crap. We had to call this one off due to monsoon rains – boo! Never ones to disappoint folks that we’ve promised a party, we’re now organising THIS! Go check it out!

You’re Evited…

As sad as it is, snail mail is feeling the cold hand of evolution closing around its neck, and a phobia of actual post (and the short-wearing men who bring it) is spreading across the land. So what to do if you have a can’t-be-missed soiree to populate?  Facebook invites are deletable white noise to the weary social networker, and the obvious Twitter-danger is that a barbarian horde of uninvited followers descend upon your gathering, which is even worse than no one turning up at all.

Special like yo momma told you

But never fear; to save you from cheapening your event with a sub-par electronic missive, Three have found a long-overdue alternative. Getting hold of far-flung friends and addressless acquaintances no longer means making a choice between boring plain text or a tackier-than-a-plastic-crucifix cartoon… Continue reading