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Top Five : Emergency Halloween!


Eep! The day has come and you haven’t organised a thing!

Don’t panic. Follow these steps to have a simple and money friendly halloween bash.

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Cake of the Week #19 – All Hallows bake

DO NOT put candles INSIDE cakes. It will not end well.

Well, it’s not a blindingly original theme for our weekly cakey delights, but my GOD is it delicious!

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Pumpkin Cupcakes


Once you’ve hollowed out your pumpkin, why dont you use all the gooey inside to make cupcakes!  I’ve heard good things about them!

The recipe here on ReallyNiceRecipes has some delicious pictures to go along with each step but there are loads of different recipes on the net for you to try!

Let us know if you make any, and how they tasted!

Classy Pumpkins


Are you hoping for a more sophisticated halloween bash this year? Tired of covering yourself in fake blood? Yea, me too.

This pumpkin idea from Martha Stewart is super sweet, super pretty and super festive for a grown up Halloween gathering.


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Half Price Halloween#4 – Cocktail Broomsticks


Feeling fancy this Halloween? It’s not all about covering yourself in blood and going trick or treating. How about a cocktail party decorated using these super cute, super easy and super cheap cocktail sticks?!

cocktail broomsticks2cocktail broomsticks









I think I may make some myself!

A lovely How-To is available here

Half Price Halloween #3 – Help! I don’t fancy fancy dress!


Some of us don’t like fancy dress. Some of us just don’t want to be a witch or a sexy kitten or Borat. Some of us want to have a Halloween celebration without dressing up like goons. Some of us are obviously not Three – we LOVE dress up! But we know some people are weird. Or busy. Or not in the mood. So here we go! Alternative party:


Call your mates and tell them you’re having a horror film marathon this halloween. Get everyone to bring a DVD and some food and/or drinks, and there we go! Ready made party. Stick the film on, flick the lights off and sit next to someone for moral support. Free party and no Fancy Dress required! Win.

Half Price Halloween #2 – AMAZING buffets!


Having a Halloween party? Do it right!

Pumpkin Tree = too awesome

Pumpkin Tree = too awesome

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