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Christmas Internationale

A very, very merry Christmas to all our far-flung friends around the world, and to yours – anyone who’s anywhere, in fact! Merry Christmas to the lot of you!!!

DIY Party time!

Now hold on, I hear you cry, aren’t ALL one’s parties DIY parties (unless you pay squillions of pounds for an events organiser that could never be as good as this site)?! Well, my dear friend – ye have misunderstood the premise…

"Spirit Level" noun. The amount of bourbon in your bloodstream

"Spirit Level" noun. The amount of bourbon in your bloodstream

We’re coming up to the summer bank holiday, people have moved from student accommodation to houses, and there are lots of people going “oh crap, I’ve got annual leave left!” and deciding to do a bit of home improvement. Having had several conversations with people over the weekend, the consensus seems to be ” x job really needs doing, but I don’t know where to start and it’ll take forever.” This is a problem, but its one that is easily solved – as most problems are – with a party!

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