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Good Luck, Laura!


Tonight Laura is playing the role of ‘The Housekeeper’ at her first Murder Mystery. I’m excited to hear all about it and I’m sure she’ll have some tales to blog.


Half Price Halloween #3 – Help! I don’t fancy fancy dress!


Some of us don’t like fancy dress. Some of us just don’t want to be a witch or a sexy kitten or Borat. Some of us want to have a Halloween celebration without dressing up like goons. Some of us are obviously not Three – we LOVE dress up! But we know some people are weird. Or busy. Or not in the mood. So here we go! Alternative party:


Call your mates and tell them you’re having a horror film marathon this halloween. Get everyone to bring a DVD and some food and/or drinks, and there we go! Ready made party. Stick the film on, flick the lights off and sit next to someone for moral support. Free party and no Fancy Dress required! Win.

Half Price Halloween #1 – FREEEEEEEDOM!


Film inspired fancy dress party to go to this year? No cash to splash on a (frankly rubbish) shop bought or hired costume? No worries. Do this:

Sons of Scotland, etc...

Sons of Scotland, etc...

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Face Invite

Saving paper? Can’t be bothered to print out lots of invites?

Why not paint your invite to your face?


Either take a photo and email it to all your mateys OR alternatively, walk around town. This may attract some nutters but if you’re in the mood for a Skins style rave, go for it!

(Don’t tattoo this to your face – it’s not a good permanent look.)

Anatomy of a Bargain basement costume

Long before Barack, there was Rosie

Long before Barack, there was Rosie

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Famous fan?

Look who’s OBVIOUSLY checked out this post from us!


It’s Taylor Swift, incase you live under a rock.

She’s pretty.

(Photos via Twitter)

An Officer and a Gentleman

Now, everyone did a fantastic job when it came to coming to the party in costume, but one man in particular deserves special mention for his bargainous-yet-brilliant guise…
An officer and a Gentleman

An officer and a Gentleman

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Rock n Roll all night for diddly squat

Say hello to one of the cheapest fancy dress costumes ever:


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