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Give Thanks for cut-price Desserts

And you thought we were done with Pumpkins!


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If you’re a girl and anything like us, you’ll have lots of jewellery that you just don’t wear anymore or that you’ve been given as pressies but it just ain’t yo style girrrl! What you should do, is give it to a charity shop and do a good deed but sometimes things are just too special to give away or sell.

So hows about draping it all over a lamp and making a rather spectacular chandelier



(via refinery 29)

Save the world (from Ugly stuff)

Three love charity shopping and boot saling. Know why? Because it’s taking old crap and making it new. That is awesome – saving the planet one proelain rabbit at a time. So, when we stumbled on this AMEZZIN little blog, Blah-to-Tada, we nearly fainted with excitement.


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Half Price Halloween #1 – FREEEEEEEDOM!


Film inspired fancy dress party to go to this year? No cash to splash on a (frankly rubbish) shop bought or hired costume? No worries. Do this:

Sons of Scotland, etc...

Sons of Scotland, etc...

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Rock Place Cards

Some photos for inspiration…



A permanent marker would do the job on the rock and everyone in the world ever has a permanent marker lying around their house. You usually find out when you write a note on a sheet of paper, the ink seeps through the paper and stains your lovely table underneath. Ruddy things. Ink WON’T seep through rock though so you’re safe.

(Inspiration via Once Wed)

How to make the Forties Happen!

If you’re going to have a party in a bombshelter, you gotta do it right!
*fanfare please*

*fanfare please*

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Inspiration from the past…

Three are ALL about Vintage, and what better place to start for inspiration than going back in time?!

Welcome to St Fagans!
Welcome to St Fagans!

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