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Tablecloth Strips

How unuuuusual!! Strips of tablecloth – I like. Although you do need a rather gorgeous table to peep through the gaps.

Famous fan?

Look who’s OBVIOUSLY checked out this post from us!


It’s Taylor Swift, incase you live under a rock.

She’s pretty.

(Photos via Twitter)

Floating jars

Yet more sweet uses for everyday objects found around the home.

1) Tea lights in jars hanging from the branches.


2) Flowers in jars hanging from the ceiling



No one needs fancy crystal or vintage cut glass vases. These photos  a) are lovely and b) show you that using bits you find around your house can be equally as effective, cheaper and, in my opinion, look a whole lot cooler  than buying new fancy shmancy pots to put your wedding or party flowers in…..


Get saving your jars, pots and milk bottles to use in your next flowery party!

(Photos by Max Wagner, via 100layercake)

Wooden it be nice…

…if all roses looked this awesome forever?

Too purdy for words...

Too purdy for words...