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Cake of the Week #29 – Tea and Cake or Death?

We’re still in January so we’re sticking with our zero calorie cakes theme – what do you think of these babies? 



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Deep Fried Cupcake


(via Pretty Foods)

Cake of the week #27 – Calorie Free Cake!

Oh god, the Dieting has started!

Courtesy of the fabulous http://www.folksy.com/

As such, we’ve gone calorie free for our first CotW of twenty ten. We have taken a holiday over the holidays because our little brains were frizzled the hell out, but now we are well and truly back on track, and lining up posts for this most frugal of months as we speak!

Happy new year to all of you, and PUT THAT CHOCOLATE DOWN! End the madness now.

Cake of the Week #8 – Stop! Obama time.

Our cake of the week WAS going to be this:



Saint Barack of Obama turned a sprightly 48 this week, and this was his official birthday cake. Nice and simple, not too much frosting, basic, as you can see. But then, this car crash of over-the-top sugarcraft had it’s ass kicked by this:

Obama brought cupcakes to the 89 year old reporter Helen Thomas, who has reported on every President since JFK. There is nothing this man could ever do to make me not like him – he is amazing. All hail Obama the cakebringer!

The Cakebringer

The Cakebringer