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Cake of the Week #12 – Blitzcake!


We’re ridonkulously excited about our imminent 1940s party, and so here we go with some more themed posting!

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No one needs fancy crystal or vintage cut glass vases. These photos  a) are lovely and b) show you that using bits you find around your house can be equally as effective, cheaper and, in my opinion, look a whole lot cooler  than buying new fancy shmancy pots to put your wedding or party flowers in…..


Get saving your jars, pots and milk bottles to use in your next flowery party!

(Photos by Max Wagner, via 100layercake)

Cake of the week #11 – Paint it black

V is for...um...very black?

V is for...um...very black?

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Cake of the week #10 – Unique Wedding Cakes

This week, we’re looking at wedding cakes. ‘Tis the season, after all, and we wanted to showcase some of the unusual cakes we’ve come across that are just plain sweet, not batcrazy weird. They’re all just lovely though!



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Need an excuse to party? #6

Today is the 65th Anniversaire of the Liberation of Paris in World War II – Vive La France!

Tis I, LeClerc!

Tis I, LeClerc!

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The Invites…

First thing’s first! Everyone gets an invite…

A little bit of photoshoppage...

Please ignore the childhood picture in the background...

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We’re throwing a 1940’s Blitz Party! 

Which means dressing up, dancing, games and partying like its your last – which it may very well be, there’s a war on dontcha know!

We’ll be documenting all preparations and money spent – we’re rationing our pounds – on the blog so keep clicking!

Ballroom Blitz

We can’t ever forget the horrors of war on a home front, but nor should we ever forget the amazing sense of community that was bourne out of such hardship in 1940s Britain. Blighty without a party? Not bloody likely, Johnny Foreigner!

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Wedding Entrance

This is so lovely! I smiled the entire way through. This has got to be the happiest wedding entrance ever in the history of weddings.

Lemon Wedding

Yet more evidence that you don’t have to spend a fortune to have a sweet, romantic wedding.

I absolutely looove these pictures. Lets be honest, the only thing you really need for a gorgeous al fresco wedding is sunshine, but half the fun of the wedding is the planning right? You need something to occupy you while you wait and pray like you’ve never prayed before for the sun! So here, fruit! Suprisingly dreamy looking and cheap as chips. Plus perfect for the drinks later!














(Via OnceWed)