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Sustainable Arts and Crafts, anyone?

Having a sort out often throws up vast piles of rubbish that isn’t quite rubbish – stuff that you know there must be a use for somewhere, but can’t quite work it out. How about making a corsage?!


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Wreath on Earth

We really are on an alternative Christmas bender this week, and why the hell not?! Remember what we said about Tradition? But yeah. Looks like the Guardian are getting in our act now!

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If you’re a girl and anything like us, you’ll have lots of jewellery that you just don’t wear anymore or that you’ve been given as pressies but it just ain’t yo style girrrl! What you should do, is give it to a charity shop and do a good deed but sometimes things are just too special to give away or sell.

So hows about draping it all over a lamp and making a rather spectacular chandelier



(via refinery 29)

Save the world (from Ugly stuff)

Three love charity shopping and boot saling. Know why? Because it’s taking old crap and making it new. That is awesome – saving the planet one proelain rabbit at a time. So, when we stumbled on this AMEZZIN little blog, Blah-to-Tada, we nearly fainted with excitement.


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Party Prep: The Bunting!

There’s a war on you know – no time for fripparies like buying bunting! Got to make do and mend…


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No one needs fancy crystal or vintage cut glass vases. These photos  a) are lovely and b) show you that using bits you find around your house can be equally as effective, cheaper and, in my opinion, look a whole lot cooler  than buying new fancy shmancy pots to put your wedding or party flowers in…..


Get saving your jars, pots and milk bottles to use in your next flowery party!

(Photos by Max Wagner, via 100layercake)