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Car Boot Karma – top tips!

Hey kids. What’s cooler than shopping? How about shopping, helping to recycle and making someone else a little bit of extra moolah for their troubles? I know. Karmatastic.

A British Institution

A British Institution

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Design your own Party Dress!

But without all the fuss! Put away your tailoring scissors and leave the sewing machine under its cover – three have found the answer to your prayers – the kind of prayers offered up on a shopping trip when you know *exactly* what you want to wear to that houseparty, but you can’t find it anywhere…


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Lord, What fools these mortals be…


We’re having a Midsummer Night’s Party, to celebrate the improved weather (although as I write it’s raining…). The picture of opulence and excess, we thought this would be the perfect theme to prove that a fabulous gathering can be had on the cheap! We’ll be logging our progress right here for you to see. 

Merry and Tragical! Tedious and Brief! That is, hot ice and wonderous strange snow. How shall we find the concorde of this discorde?

Theseus, Act 1,  A Midsummer Night’s Dream

How indeed, Billy Shakes?! How indeed. Stay tuned to find out about the concorde of our discorde…

 Please Note: British Summertime = crap. We had to call this one off due to monsoon rains – boo! Never ones to disappoint folks that we’ve promised a party, we’re now organising THIS! Go check it out!

Dress To Impress

I popped into my local Asda yesterday for some much needed coffee for work and as always when I go to a supermarche ‘accidently’ got lost in the clothes section.  

I left with some coffee and two new dresses. WHOOPSIE!! although not so whoopsie as i paid no more than £28 for the lot!!

This inspired me to share with you all my purchases and the reassurance that just because you’ve bought your party frock from a place they sell raw fish don’t mean nothing. You’ll still look a million dollars.  These are the beauties I bought:zzbought!And check out just some of the other goodies (I’m after the one on the right next!) zzwantThe most expensive dress here is a mere £20!! And I’m pretty sure you could find something similar in Topshop being sold for twice the price.

Don’t be ashamed of supermarket love! Embrace the bargains! And spend the remaining cash on the grub and the drinks – no one will notice the dress after a few anyway!