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Scrooge? Be Gone! – #5

Eat mince pies – yum. It’s Christmas in pastry!

Cake of the Week #25 – Santa Cakes is coming to town

We continue on our Christmas Caketacular road this week with Father Christmas himself

Toooooo cute!

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Scrooge? Be Gone! – #4

Dress your dog up in a Santa hat! It’s Christmas, but really cute.

(photo via We Heart It)

Scrooge? Be Gone! – #3

Make an orange stuffed with cloves. It’s the easiest and the most Christmassy smelling decoration. It’s Christmas in a fruit!

(photo from Stephanie Levy)

Need an Excuse to Party? #14

YOU SHOULDN’T! What are you asking us for?! It’s almost Christmas!

That's an Order!

Scrooge? Be Gone! – #1

Watch Love Actually. It’s Christmas in a case.


Gift Idea – Memories

Got a friend who’s got everything? Yes, we’ve all got one.

Give some memories:

For my room, I framed some tickets from some of my favourite concerts and put them on my wall in Ikea frames (=super cheap). 

If you and your friend have been somewhere memorable together, why not frame a momento of the day? Perhaps the receipt from a particularly delicious meal you ate together, a train ticket from a fun journey you had, or a flyer from an attraction you saw.

Route around your handbag. Unless you are one of those freakishly tidy handbag people you may find something worth framing!

Invites: Do it your ruddy self!

And so began our blog, with a short article on  saving money and the planet by eviting people – ahhh, memories. However, sometimes you just need to stick a stamp on it, and this is what we be doing for our humbug party!

Stripes = oh yes.

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Christmas Recycle!

For those of you not in the know, recycling is awesome. This is scientific fact. Whilst working on crimble crafts of our own ( and there are many – you’ll LAAAVE it!) we came across this at allfreecrafts.com – recycled light bulb baubles!

Need an Excuse to Party? # 13 OMGXMAS!


It’s Christmas! It’s Christmas! And we’re getting totally carried away with ourselves.

Humbug = NO!

Three can promise you crazy Christmas cakes of the week, Yuletide Excuses to Party, Noelicious Quick Picks, Bethlehem-tastic Bargains, How to have a Humbugerous Party on the cheap and a Partridge in a ruddy pear tree!!


(Yes, we know we’re far too excited for the first of the month. Imagine what we’ll be like in a week…)