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Spice up your old Decorations

We’re all for refreshing ideas for Christmas decorating ideas that don’t cost a bomb…

Perhaps the girls-for-hire are an original idea *too* far...

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Shhhh! Secret Crafts!

Don’t tell anyone, but we’re working on some super awesome crafts for Christmas! For reasons relating to the joy of seeing a surprised friend at Christmastime, most of them can’t be posted (YET), but we had to say SOMETHING because we’re just too excited!

Secret Crafts = Yes! Secret Smile ruining David Tennant for everyone = NO.

 Secrets will be revealed soon, in time for you all to get your butts into gear and make some yourself – never fear x

Need an Excuse to Party? # 13 OMGXMAS!


It’s Christmas! It’s Christmas! And we’re getting totally carried away with ourselves.

Humbug = NO!

Three can promise you crazy Christmas cakes of the week, Yuletide Excuses to Party, Noelicious Quick Picks, Bethlehem-tastic Bargains, How to have a Humbugerous Party on the cheap and a Partridge in a ruddy pear tree!!


(Yes, we know we’re far too excited for the first of the month. Imagine what we’ll be like in a week…)