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Paper Planes

What a sweet idea! Paper plane chains.

This would be a perfect and simple way to jazz up a going away party.

I wish I’d seen this earlier as two of our buddies have moved abroad and these would have been perfect for farewell shindigs.

Love the little guys waving!

(Inspiration from Color Me Katie)

Ikea and thumbprints

I’m pretty sure heaven looks like Ikea. Laura and me spend probably too much time there. God bless them and their meatballs. Sure, we all know they’re numero uno for household bits and bobs but providing people with pretty wedding decorations? Paul and Cassie funked up their wedding ceremony with just the prettiest little light. And it was only $30!


And they had such a sweet idea for a wedding day keepsake!

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Cake of the Week #18 – Smurftastic!

The Smurfs are 61 today! Yay!

So frickin happy all the time...

So frickin happy all the time...

Lip Sticks

So being at a party is fun and all but, lets be honest, the best part of celebrating is looking at the photos afterwards and deciding which ones should most definately NOT be tagged on facebook and which one should be your profile pic! Basically, good party photos = a good party, which is why we love these little bad boys….


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Happy Postday to us!

Happy 100th post to us!

Now THAT'S a party balloon!
Now THAT’S a party balloon!

Three has reached its centenary post! Don’t we feel old. Boo. But lots more to come – thank you all for your support and suggestions – keep it all coming for the next 100!

Kate & Laura x

Cake of the Week #16 – Murder Mystery!

One of Three is going to be making a tit of herself tonight, playing the part of a housekeeper in a murder mystery. We’re having cake to celebrate!

Mmmm. Sugary Police Tape!
Mmmm. Sugary Police Tape!

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Cake of the week #15 – Yay, it’s Autumn!*

Check out some of our other Cakes of the Week!

* Translation for all our American friends – Yay, it’s Fall!

And what better way to celebrate the arrival of what is, surely, the prettiest season that ever there was than with some stonking huge cakes?!

Pumpkin Patch tastic!

Pumpkin Patch tastic!

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