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DIY flower garlands

Arn’t these garlands pretty?

They’d be perfect hung at a wedding, a party or just in a room in your house.

If you’d like to learn how to make one (it looks pretty simple!), click here and the lovely people at Once Wed will instruct you!

Paper Planes

What a sweet idea! Paper plane chains.

This would be a perfect and simple way to jazz up a going away party.

I wish I’d seen this earlier as two of our buddies have moved abroad and these would have been perfect for farewell shindigs.

Love the little guys waving!

(Inspiration from Color Me Katie)

Three People having a Party

The three people are Chris Moyles, Comedy Dave and Dom from the Radio 1 breakfast show. This is the most fun we have ever seen people have for free, and it is so damn funny to watch  we might have a party to celebrate it!

We laaaave it!

Fabulous Fascinator


Adore this.

(Inspiration from Lady Vintique, via Once Wed)



Hooray for Friday!


Have simply glorious weekends dear readers!

Don’t do anything we wouldn’t do!

(The photo has nothing to do with anything, it’s just ridiculously cute.)

(Photo via We Heart It)

Cake of the Week#20 – Twilight Cakes!

Laura’s put me in charge of Cake of the Week for bit. She’s all caked out. I never knew that could happen, but it can. So I’m taking full advantage and indulging in my guilty pleasure –TWILIGHT!! Actually, I’m not even guilty about it. Not one little bit.

Before we get onto the awesome cakes, take a look at this valiant effort. Bless it.


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Merry Bonfire Night!


Enjoy the fireworks tonight guys.

Buy a bag of marshmallows and toast them on your bonfires. Yum!

(photo via weheartit)

Pretty (amazing) dresses

Guess what these gorgeous dresses are made from…..


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If you’re a girl and anything like us, you’ll have lots of jewellery that you just don’t wear anymore or that you’ve been given as pressies but it just ain’t yo style girrrl! What you should do, is give it to a charity shop and do a good deed but sometimes things are just too special to give away or sell.

So hows about draping it all over a lamp and making a rather spectacular chandelier



(via refinery 29)