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Ming Makes Cupcakes

 Don’t those cupcakes look unbelievably delicious?! Well theres more! On Ming Makes Cupcakes. And, she puts the recipes up too! Win! Everyone loves cupcakes however normal old sponge/icing cupcakes are old hat dudes! If you’re planning on serving cupcakes at your party give them a twist! Some ingredients Ming uses in hers are: beetroot, parsnip, guinness and sour cream! I’m dying to make some!

Happy Birthday Blog!

Haaaappy birthday dear Threeeeeee, Happy birthday to yooooooou!

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Happy Bank Holiday!

I’m not sure the weather was quite nice enough to dance around the May Pole today but we still celebrated a lovely day off. Laura and me spent it here:

Dan Yr Ogof caves! That’s Laura and Matt there. Being mysterious.

Did you all have gorgeous days?

Good luck, Matt!

A dear friend of Three’s a Party, Matticus Reynolds, is running the London Marathon tomorrow in aid of Save the Rhinos – a teeny charity that doesn’t get a lot of support, so he chose to help them out! If you feel similarly about the plight of endangered Rhinos (and one crazy running man) – his website is

Click here to see Matt’s article in the tamworth Herald (the article that produced this outstanding photo of a man on a mission)

Mainly, just wish him luck and keep an eye out for him on the tellbox tomorrow. Good luck, Matt!

Cake of the Week #37 – Volcano Cake

Do you have Volcano insurance? Peter Griffin does.

This post is dedicated to everyone who’s stranded, in transit, missing a holiday or just plain covered in ash because Iceland screwed up again. Happy Friday, people! Let’s party like it’s AD 79 x


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A quick question…

Hello dear blog readers! We have a quick question for you…

For those of you who don’t have a blog , you may not know that we can find out how you lovely people found our blog – which links you clicked, what you searched for in google. At the moment out google search words are going MENTAL for anything to do with Pluto and we are hugely confuzzled by this! Have we missed something important in the news??

So, if  you are reading this through some Googley Pluto search would you kindly comment us and tell us what you were looking for?? We are super interested to know!

We hope that you enjoyed our Pluto post. Did you find what you were looking for? If not, we hope you like our blog and will come and visit us again!

Love Kate and Laura xx