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Need an excuse to party? #10


Made in Wales

Tis Richard Burton’s Birthday! They don’t make ’em like this anymore, kiddies x

Need (a different) excuse to party?


I like that Google have run with the 40th anniversary of Sesame Street today, instead of gun powder plots.

If you’re not a fan of fireworks, celebrate Elmo, The Cookie Monster and Burt and Ernie instead.

Need an excuse to party? – #9

Make like a Mexican and throw a party for the last day of the Day of the Dead celebrations. I know its pretty morbid but if you ignore the ‘dead’ part it looks like a pretty sweet national holiday. So colourful!


Need an Excuse to party? #8

Today in the French Republican Calendar, it’s Parsnip day!

Gotta love the 'snips.

Gotta love the 'snips.

So join us in celebrating this utterly random holiday. Crazy French.

Also, special birthday mentions for Tamworth’s future Mr Olympia, who can now legally gamble his life away in Vegas. Have a good one, Oli!

21 years young

21 years young

Need an excuse to party? #6

Today is the 65th Anniversaire of the Liberation of Paris in World War II – Vive La France!

Tis I, LeClerc!

Tis I, LeClerc!

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Need an excuse to party? #5


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Need an excuse to party? #4

Wimbledon is almost over! YAY!murrno

We can all go back to drinking Pimms and enjoying the sun without looking like a complete ponce. Celebrate with a long live Roddick party just to put the boot in. Hurrah! (Sorry, Mouse)