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Cake of the week #28 – Nappy New Year!

We’re all about Calorie free cakes this January, so here we are with a natty little idea for a babyshower – the nappy cake!

Tiniest. Screenshot. Ever.

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Cake of the week #27 – Calorie Free Cake!

Oh god, the Dieting has started!

Courtesy of the fabulous

As such, we’ve gone calorie free for our first CotW of twenty ten. We have taken a holiday over the holidays because our little brains were frizzled the hell out, but now we are well and truly back on track, and lining up posts for this most frugal of months as we speak!

Happy new year to all of you, and PUT THAT CHOCOLATE DOWN! End the madness now.

Cake of the Week # 26 – Biggest Christmas Cake in the world!


This Christmas cake was made in in 2007 at the Uday Samudra hotel, India, and was 30ft tall. It was cut into a massive 22,000 servings! Dear Godfrey. All we’ve got is a Sainsbury Christmas Log!

Cake of the Week #25 – Santa Cakes is coming to town

We continue on our Christmas Caketacular road this week with Father Christmas himself

Toooooo cute!

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Cake of the week #24 – Snowmen Cakes!

We’re going with the winter theme this month, kids, and we’re kicking off with Cake of the Week to suit!

Weeeee're walking in the aaaaaaaair

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Cake of the Week #23 – Britcake!

Okay, okay – I’ve been on America bender recently. I am obsessed, and I do need help to get over it. But, to make up for leaving the UK out a bit this Thanksgiving week, here’s a very British treat!

Britcakes! Ain't no Johnny Foreigner round here, kids.

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Cake of the Week #22 – Windows Cake!


This cake makes a startup noise when you cut it.

On 20th November 1985, Microsoft launched Windows 1.0, and at this time, Bill Gates was not spectacularly rich, there was no internet, there was no DVD, there was no Three and thus no point in life. BAD TIMES. But now, good times! Despite the cock up that was Vista.