Well Done Laura!

Laura made her TV debut last night:

 Laura was on Mastermind! And she did fantastically well!

She was a right smart arse answering questions on Vivienne Westwood. She got ten correct in a row. BOOYAH!

She was also a geek at the general knowledge section – even getting a netball question correct. Our PE teachers would be so proud!

This was the moment Laura tried to hide a smirk. Through our furious revision (big up Matt and Jay for being a part of the revision crew. Brap!) we concluded the best way to avoid passing questions was to give the answer ‘Lady Gaga’ to any question she couldn’t answer. Lo and behold this question came up:

“Who achieved her third UK number 1 hit single in 2009 with the song ‘Bad Romance’?”


As you can see she scored brilliantly! And went about it looking flippin’ gorgeous.

Well done Laura, you absolute legend!

(Ps. Please don’t kill me for blogging this.) 


2 responses to “Well Done Laura!

  1. I noticed the smirk too about the lady gaga question but didnt understand why until i just read this, haha! well dont laura! x

  2. trying to follow you on twitter but cant find your name

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