The Tea Party Approacheth…

Three had a very busy evening yesterday making all manner of whatnots for the tea party on Friday. For those of you who have yet to twig, this tea party is a welcome home do for a dear friend of ours, Gareth Mogg.

As you can see from this blasphemous celebration of Christmas, Gareth Mogg has been tarting around in Australasia for far too long. Sure, we could have gone the Aussie route and had a corked-hat themed Neighbours party, but we’re celebrating the fact he’s finally home (Albeit due to Visa issues, not his missing us…)! We want to get Gareth Mogg back from the brink of a silly Anglo-Australian accent, and back into a Newport State of Mind. Hence, the great British tea party!

Now, we’re not flooding you with details on the run up to the party, because we don’t want to completely remove the element of surprise! However, we do promise a full, exhaustive and graphic account of the whole shebang when its done, including photos-agogo, how tos, dos and don’t and even, for perhaps the first time, recipes (omgwtf?!)!!! Stay tuned folks – next week is going to be a busy one x

One response to “The Tea Party Approacheth…

  1. Where did you get those Tea Cups Set? It is beautiful. What is the name of the set?

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