Decoration Inspiration: Paper!

We’ve featured the lovely Color Me Katie before. She does some amazing and very sweet things with simple coloured paper. We’re taking inspiration from her on how to decorate your parties in original and quirky, and more importantly budget, ways!

Katie uses brightly coloured paper, which she sticks up with masking tape. She says this means she can change her decorations frequently without damaging her walls!

Even though Katie is an artist, some of the shapes she uses would be simple to cut out and they look so sweet in jazzing up some plain walls!

And as we’re fans of recycling here, look what she does with her left over paper scraps:

She’s converted them into a table covering by scattering them and covering with a clear table cloth sellotaped to the sides of her table! This would look amazing on party tables (but would require alot of preplanning to collect so much paper!)

(From Colour Me Katie. Visit her website to see more!)

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