Hello all!  Thanks to everyone who has been commenting with their tea party ideas – got some fab ones. We’re all over this theme and looking for ideas everywhere. We really should be putting stuff into practise – it’s less than a fortnight away! But looking for ideas is just too much fun. We’ll be revisiting a few of our old tricks as well as coming up with some new ones, and hunting around for cool ideas from others. Speaking of which, Awesome website alert! It definitely has the Three Seal of Approval…

Teas2Dine4 is aces – loads of themes, ideas, recipes, crafts and all sorts of whatnots for a damn good tea party! We love it! She even has a whole page on Tea Party Etiquette. I actually *love* her.

Clicky the Piccy!

We will of course be taking advice from our own extensive library of books, including the Vintage Party Games one we featured a while back (can’t wait to try out Up! Jenkins myself – sounds like a game of gods) and Mrs Beeton’s book of Household Management – can’t beat the Beeton!

oooh, all this excitement makes me want a cup of tea.

One response to “Tea-spiration

  1. you have no idea how stoked i am to have been tagged in this!!

    im thinking it has to be in a garden or a park. even a fake lawn in a living room if need be!

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