Time for Tea!

We’re going to have a Tea Party!

Afternoon Tea should be provided, fresh supplies, with
thin bread-and-butter, fancy pastries, cakes, etc., being
brought in as other guests arrive.
– Mrs. Beeton
The Book of Household Management

As you can see, mrs Beeton doesn’t think Tea should be taken lightly. We don’t either. This is a real Three Needs YOU! Occasion

What do YOU think a Tea Party Must have? Comment below to let us know

8 responses to “Time for Tea!

  1. i think a tea party must have coffee – lots and lots of coffee

  2. No way Joe! You’re wrong. Cucumber sandwiches!!!

  3. I think lots and lots of varieties of tea, myself.

  4. SCONES!!! and JAM and CREAM and RABBITS!! lots of rabbits … and cofffeeee and tea pots with floral decorfations on the side and fish ponds and umbrellas and girls in long dresses and men in top hats!!

  5. A tea party must have a silver three teired thing layered with sandwiches cut in quarters and crustless. Some salad choices should be provided as well. Tea should be served out of your best china tea pot and a dress code should be in effect!

  6. Putting aside any American political movement…

    Cucumber sandwiches are a necessity. They must, however, – and I cannot stress this enough – be THINLY sliced. Doorstop sandwiches are dreadfully vulgar and out of place at a Tea Party. They would be enough to give Mrs Beeton the vapours.

    Polite and civilised conversation (and scones with jam and clotted cream!) also helps make a decent tea party. No riff raff and hobbledehoy should be invited.

  7. I believe a good G + T is certainly in order at a tea party.

  8. i think a mentally unstable gentleman in a hat always is a good bet for a tea party

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