Cake of the Week #42- Picnic Cakes!

We’re all about picnics, kids, and this week we’re planning on a feature on where you can go for the best ones (free, of course!) so we thought we’d get you all in the mood with some picnicy cakes! As always, clicky the picky for a link x

Today's the day the Teddybears have their piiiiiiiiiiiiicnic!

It’s a beautiful post-modern comment on the current state of the world to take a picnic themed cake to a picnic, we reckon. Or something. Here’s another picniccy beauty!

It's all in the chequered blanket! have actually made this a how-to – we love the little M&M ants. hate actual ants, obviously, but we love it when they’re a candy pastiche! We love most things if they’re turned into a candy pastiche. Click the Pic to be taken to the how to, and look forward to more picniccy goodness!

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